Custom Photo Editing Services

  • Custom Color Correcion $0.10
  • The cost of each photo is $0.10.
    Enhance your photos with romantic flair.
    The highlights, colors, and background will be added fast and at a very low rate by our team.
  • Image Cull |Selection $0.05
  • Photos culling services will speed up your editing process.
    You can spend time with family and friends instead of spending time culling images,
    We'll select the best images for you.
  • Professional photo editors edit your photos after we only select the best ones.
    We will make your photos look amazing without you having to do anything. we offer the best turnaround time
  • Basic Image Retouching $2
  • Our Basic Retouching service offers next-level retouching with the ease of à la carte pricing starting at $2 for the majority of retouching requirements.
  • Pro Image Retouching $5
  • We also offer a Pro Retouching service that can handle anything you need! This service is quote-based, with pricing based on $5.
  • Path Clliping $Quote Base
  • Kabeer Photographer's Edit provides an image clipping | Path Clipping service for professionals
    This service is quote-based

Custom Color Correction
$0.10 Per Image

Kabeer Photographer's Edit color corrects each image for only $0.10. Create an account, share your editing style with our team, and let our editing team do the rest!

The Custom Color Correction service is highly customizable, and can include some or all of the following:

• Using your favorite Lightroom presets
• Adjustment of brightness / contrast / white balance
• Cropping and straightening
• Sharpening and noise reduction
• Reordering / sequencing
• Renumbering / renaming
• Categorization
• Black and white conversion or copies

When the colors are lifeless, it can pose a danger to your photography services. Proper color correction can help place an emphasis on the most crucial parts of your photos and add another dimension to them. It is absolutely necessary if you want to create a professional and consistent look in your work.

We modify our services by not only color-correcting your images to bring out their real attraction, but also sharpening their vibrancy and adjusting their contrast to match the background of the photo. Since colors extract human sensibilities, we make good use of contrast for different conditions.  to give a soft or harsh look, depending on what the situation needs.

Image Cull | Image Selection
$0.05 Per Image

Start With The Option Cull Your Images.

The image selection process is based on Lightroom. Most of the photographers take lots of images. There are some wonderful images, but there are lots of duplicates, out of focus images, bad expression images, and blurry images. We can help if you give us a reasonable number within the range that you require.

The following criteria are used to cull your images:

• Percentage
• Importance of the moment
• Composition or artistic value
• Expression
• Variety

$2 Per Image

Kabeer Photographer's Edit is your one-stop shop when you are looking for an affordable and professional photo retouching company.

Submit your retouching order with specific instructions, per image.

Basic Retouching Include.

• Color Correction
• Removal of facial shine
• Basic skin smoothing
• Remove stray hairs
• Remove skin blemishes
• Whitening of teeth and eyes

Pro Retouching
$5 Per Image

Kabeer Photographer's Edit provide pro image retouching services for professional photographers.

We offer a Pro Retouching service that can handle anything you need! This service is quote-based, with afordable pricing starting with $5. If your retouching needs are special or not covered by the services above, don't worry. Choose "Pro Retouching" from the order menu, describe the services you require, and upload your image(s). We will then respond with a quote for your approval within one business day!

• Removal of facial shine
• Reduce under-eye circles
• Correct glasses with a lot of glare
• Slim face (double-chin), arms, body
• Remove wrinkles from clothing
• Add or remove people or objects to or from an image
• Removal of stray hairs
• Removal of skin blemishes
• Whitening of teeth and eyes
• Advanced skin retouching
• Eye sharpening
• Head swap
• Simple body and face sculpting
• Open closed eyes
• Simple background retouching
• Up to two people per image

Path Clipping
$ Quote Base

Kabeer Photographer's Edit provides an image clipping service for professionals.

At clipping path, We know how important it is to create images that don't look like they were edited.
Image Cliping (Path Cutting) include remove background make backgrounds transparent, white etc...

Our dedication to delivering quality image clipping services to help you meet your tight deadlines and budgets.

Path Clipping Include.

• Real Estate Image Clipping
• Furniture Image Clipping
• Jewelry Retouching and Clipping
• Automobile Image Clipping
• Product Image Clipping

Custom Editing Styles


An offer only for you. Use this opportunity to try out our services for free and make sure that Kabeer Photographer's Edit can deliver according to your expectations and match your Style